About Rogiani

As a former athlete, model, and martial artist, Elisabetta Rogiani focuses her designs on quality, durability, and femininity-believing that "simplicity is the essence of elegance.

Elisabetta’s designs are regularly featured on Cosmopolitan, Fit Pregnancy, Fitness RX, Glamour, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Oxygen, Pilates Style, Self, Shape, Yoga Journal, W and Vogue.

Celebrity clients include Alicia Marie, Brooklyn Decker, Eva Longoria, Gabriella Reece, Jackie Warner, Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Nicole Lee, Jessica Simpson, Jillian Michaels, Kathy Smith, Katie Holmes, Kim Kardashian, Kim Lyons, Mari Winsor, Marisa Tomei, Monica Brant, Rebecca Romjin, Tosca Reno, Tracey Mallet and Victoria Beckham.

"As Designer for the New Race of the Fit, I believe that one day they will save humanity." -Elisabetta Rogiani



"It was a very exciting moment when Alicia Marie and I decided to start a Collection made especially for the needs of models and the everyday woman.

With Alicia Marie's input as an international fashion and fitness celebrity and my experience as an Italian couture designer, fashion model and athlete we come up with versatile outfits that models can use for both photo shoots and workouts. The best part is our creative meetings-- what fun we have!

The overall theme of the Collection is two shades of pink. They are used not only in the colors of the outfits, but also the stitching, labels and hang tags.

We make all the bras double layer with strong support, the shorts are available in varying length with matching pants that can be layered and worn in combination.

The outfits are offered in several suggested color combinations, but custom color combinations are available upon request.

I tried to well represent Alicia Marie and her Collection with this website. More surprises are to come for the Alicia Marie fans!"

-Elisabetta Rogiani

About Alicia Marie

Alicia Marie is an internationally recognized fitness television and media personality and model, weight and nutrition counselor, and syndicated fitness magazine columnist for Oxygen magazine currently living in Los Angeles. An avid fitness enthusiast and movement expert, Alicia has been a fitness and health contributor on various television and radio programs such as Good Day New York, the WB11 morning news, MSNBC and MAXIM radio. She is featured on MTV as the fitness expert and coach for the channel's Emmy-award winning series "MADE" and "SUPER-MADE" and was also a featured trainer on Kirstie Alley's new show, "My Big Life" on A&E!

Alicia Marie has been able to develop her love of performance and her knowledge and experience in the health and fitness industry into national recognition as a BSN endorsed fitness athlete, magazine columnist and expert. As the first ever Ms. Muscle & Fitness 2006, Alicia has appeared on the pages of OXYGEN, Muscle & Fitness magazine, HERS, Flex, Ironman, Musclemag, Planet Muscle, Fitness, SELF, O Magazine, Glamour and many more. For more information on Alicia, visit aliciamarie.com





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